Spinning Solar Panels: 20X More Efficient than Ordinary PV Panels

Solar energy is one of the best renewable energy forms on earth. As long as the sun exists, we can rest assured about the future of energy.

But there is a problem?

When compared to other renewable energy sources, solar energy is still lacking in terms of efficiency. 

The majority of solar panels that we use today are only 15 to 20% efficient. However, researchers around the world are continuously working on increasing their efficiency.

Spinning Solar panel is one such invention that is claimed to be 20 times more efficient compared to ordinary panels.

In this complete guide, we will learn everything about spinning solar panels including their construction, working & cost of installation.

Let’s dive right in!

Spinning Solar Panels

Spinning solar panels are cone-shaped panels surrounded by concentrating glass. The cone keeps spinning to prevent overheating & provide proper sunlight to each cell.

These cones are about one meter wide & contain hundreds of small solar cells. 

This technology is introduced by V3 Solar & seems to be a lucrative option for those who want to save space, reduce energy cost & oblige high efficiency.

Below are some images that show how these panels look.

Spinning Solar Panels
Image Source: V3Solar


There are numerous benefits of using spinning solar panels. Some of them are:

  • These conical panels can be installed in a tree-like shape, thus you can save a lot of space.
  • Concentrated glass is used that helps in maximizing the output.
  • Spinning cones ensures that panels are not subjected to overheating.
  • The angle of 45° is used in the construction of these panels, which can significantly increase energy production.


These solar panels are constructed over a rotating cone of radius 50cms having an angle of 45° from the surface.

Hundreds of smaller solar cells are mounted over this conical framework. These solar cells are covered from outside with the help of concentrated glass. 

Concentrated glass as we have previously discussed is used to concentrate sunlight over solar cells to produce maximum output.

The electricity thus produced is collected through junction boxes attached with each cone & is also used to provide mechanical energy to spinning cones.


When these solar panels are exposed to sunlight, the glass cover starts concentrating sunlight to solar cells.

When sunlight falls on the surface of PV cells, they start converting it into electricity. The process of converting sunlight into electricity is known as the photovoltaic effect.

Additionally, the rotating cones help in spreading sunlight over the whole surface of panels which further helps in increasing output.

You can also have a look at the video below by V3Solar for better understanding.

Cost of Installation:

These solar panels are still not in the market. So the exact cost cannot be found anywhere. However, you can contact V3Solar for the same.

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1. How efficient are spinning solar panels?

The spinning PV panels are claimed to be 20 times more efficient in comparison to ordinary solar panels.

2. How much would it cost to install a spinning PV panel?

Since these panels are not in the market. So it is quite hard to find the exact cost. However, you can contact V3Solar for the same. 

3. At which angle are these panels aligned from the surface?

These panels are aligned at an angle of 45° from the surface.

4. Are these panels weather-proof?

No, the efficiency of these panels will still be affected by various weather conditions. However, the spinning cone can prevent its surface from overheating.

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In this complete guide, I have tried my best to cover spinning solar panels. I have discussed its benefits, construction, working & cost associated.

These panels can do wonders if available for purchase. Well, for now, only V3 Solar is making them & their website seems to be under maintenance.

I hope you learned a lot about this awesome solar panel technology. 

What are your thoughts on these panels? Is it a good idea, or a stupid one? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Disclaimer: The spinning solar panels are introduced by V3Solar but if we look at their website, it is still under maintenance. The purpose of this article is just to share knowledge regarding these panels & not to promote any specific website.

2 thoughts on “Spinning Solar Panels: 20X More Efficient than Ordinary PV Panels

  1. So to make things clear for me, the problem with conventional solar panels are only 15-20% efficient and those spinning cones on the other hand are 20x as efficient as those flat panels?
    That would make the spinning tops 300-400% efficient? What has stopped them from dominating the marked since the first product presentations about 10 years ago.
    Or are they just 20x as effective in burning your money?

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