5 Proven Ways to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels (That Works in 2023)

With the increase in urban sprawl and the availability of food and water, pigeons are moving from nearby parks to home roofs. This can lead to a lot of unwanted messes. It is especially problematic when you have solar panels on your roof.

Usually, these pigeons leave behind droppings, feathers, and guano that can damage the surface of solar cells & reduce efficiency.

Well, to help you out – I am here with 5 proven ways to get rid of pigeons from your solar modules. This blog post will be an ultimate guide on how to pigeon proof solar panels.

Before we begin, let us first understand why pigeon proofing is important.

Why is Pigeon-proofing Solar Panels Important?

Pigeons are a common nuisance for solar panels. These birds can cause many problems for solar panel owners. 

Not only do they damage solar panels when they defecate and urinate on them, but also they eat the insulation and short out the wiring on solar panels. 

The pigeons & other birds’ droppings on solar modules accumulated over time can block sunlight & hence reduce the overall efficiency

It has also been observed in some cases that the circuit blockage may cause unwanted heat and thus fire in photovoltaics. Further, the pigeon’s dropping is quite acidic & can degrade the surface of solar panels. 

To keep up the level of efficiency & protect your solar modules from damage, it is quite important to pigeon proof solar panels

Pigeon-proofing your solar panels means that you can prevent pigeons from getting anywhere near your solar panels. 

There are various ways to do so & in the next section, we will learn 5 proven ways to pigeon proof solar panels.


5 Proven Ways to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way for homeowners to take advantage of free and clean energy. 

They can also be beautiful additions to your home, but unfortunately, some birds don’t see it the same way & pigeons are one of them.

Below are some of the best ways to pigeon proof solar panels. You can apply any of these techniques & make pigeons go away.

1. Install Solar Panel Bird Mesh

The Solar Panel Bird Mesh is a way to protect solar panels from damage caused by birds. It is made out of a durable, lightweight, and flexible material. 

Image Source: http://nicouk.co.uk

The material is made with a net-like design (with a thin layer of metal) that prevents birds from flying through it and dropping on the solar panel. 

Installing these bird meshes can be a difficult task, so it is always advisable to hire an expert or a company to do so.

2. Automated Bird Repellent System

An automated bird repellent system is a system that produces some sort of sound or lights that repel birds & other creatures. Such systems can be installed near solar modules & can serve as a great deterrent for pigeons & other birds.

An automated bird deterrent system can be a piece of sound or visual technology. A sound deterrent system is a device that emits a sound that birds don’t like while a visual deterrent system is a device that emits a light that birds don’t like.

Since the pigeons & other birds usually perch on modules during the day, it will be a great idea to install a sound deterrent system. These systems are easily available on Amazon or Walmart. 

Below are some of the best-automated bird repellent systems that you can buy online.




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Bird X Solar Bird & Animal Repeller

bird x solar bird and animal repeller

Protecker Ultrasonic Bird / Animal Repellent

3. Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are designed to deter birds from damaging solar panels. They can be used as a deterrent by placing them around solar panels or anywhere else you want to protect them.

These are made of durable, flexible plastic and are no more than two inches wide. They are lightweight, easy to install, and easily removed. The bird spikes give a small but significant pain to the bird, discouraging them from landing on the panel.

These work quite similar to bird mesh & can be a great way to pigeon proof solar panels.


4. Install Reflective Mirrors

Reflective mirrors can also work as a great bird repeller. All you have to do is to set up mirrors in such a way that it makes it hard for pigeons to come over your solar modules.

Another thing you can do is purchase a reflective bird deterrent. These reflectors use sunlight, wind & reflective flashes to scare birds away. One such reflecting repellent is Bird B Gone RFLT-1 Reflect-a-Bird Deterrent.

5. Regularly Clean Solar Module / Maintenance

Solar panels should be cleaned regularly not only to keep them clean but also to find the nests of pigeons and other birds hidden under them.

It is important to clean solar panels to reduce the strain on the modules and maintain the life of the solar panel. When the surface of the panel is dirty (due to birds dropping) or covered in dust or debris, it can be harder for the module to absorb the sun’s rays.

In this way, you can restore the overall production of your panels. However, it is not an efficient way to pigeon proof solar panels.


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Proven Ways to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels


Is bird-proofing your solar panels a good idea?

Bird proofing solar panels can be a great way to protect solar panels from bird droppings & any other physical damage. So you should go for it.

How can I keep birds away from my solar panels?

There are a few ways to keep the birds away from solar panels. Some of them include the use of mesh or bird spikes, reflective mirrors & automated bird repellent systems.

Why do pigeons nest under solar panels?

The area under the solar panels works as a great shelter for pigeons and other birds who like to nest in safe & secure places. That’s the reason why these birds nest under solar panels.

What is the best deterrent for pigeons?

You can use sound deterrents to distract pigeons and other birds. Some of the best deterrents for pigeons are Bird X Solar Bird & Animal Repeller & Protecker Ultrasonic Bird / Animal Repellent.

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Up to You!

It’s no secret that solar panels are a hot commodity in the energy market. With the level of growth in solar energy, you must take precautions to make sure your panels stay safe from dust, debris & pigeon droppings. 

Pigeons are beautiful creatures, but can also create a big mess when they build nests or sit long on solar modules. Nowadays, this is a fairly common occurrence, and, left unchecked, these birds can cause serious damage to the efficiency of these panels.

To help you out, we have shared 5 tips on how to pigeon proof solar panels. I hope you find this short guide helpful.

Do share your suggestions in the comments section & make sure to share this post with your friends & neighbors.

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