How to protect Solar Panels from Hail: 7 Super-Effective Ways

7 Ways to protect Solar Panels from Hail Stones! Solar energy is one of the best renewable energy sources available at present. The best thing is that it can be used by individuals, businesses as well as big organizations. Despite its sustainability, it does have some drawbacks, one of which is the possibility of getting […]

Solar Panel Robotic Cleaning: Pros, Cons & Future of Dry Cleaning

Solar Panel Robotic Cleaning: Detailed Guide The use of solar panels is one of the best ways to harness energy from the sun. Like any other electronic device, PV panels do also require regular maintenance to keep working efficiently. With time, the layers of dust build up on the surface of the modules & as […]

Best Angle & Directions for Solar Panels

Solar panels are the most popular equipment that is used to convert sunlight into electricity. Also, these can be used for a wide variety of applications of both residential and commercial purposes. A solar panel produces electricity when sunlight hits its surface.  Electricity production of solar panels primarily depends on two factors: Type of the […]

How do Solar Panels Get Damaged – & Ways to Protect Them?

Solar panels are widely used to convert sunlight into electricity. However, like any other electronic device, PV panels are not perfect. They do also get affected by various external conditions. In this post, I am here to answer a common question, i.e. how solar panels get damaged & the ways by which you can protect […]

How to Test a Solar Panel?: A Step-by-Step Guide

Solar panel installation is on the rise these days. It is not only easy to install solar panels for your home but after technological advances, it becomes pocket-friendly too. Also, pricing is decreasing continuously. While installing a solar panel, you should check its output to ensure that you are getting the power you’ll need.  By […]

Effect of Weather Conditions on Solar Panels

Whether you are already using solar power or planning to use it, you should be well aware of the effects of weather conditions on solar panels & also on their electricity production. Like any other electronic device, solar panels are also affected by temperature variations due to weather. You might have heard about the common […]