Wind Energy: Working, Pros & Cons (2023 Overview)

Wind power is one of the rapidly growing renewable energy sectors across the world. The variation of temperature caused by the sun on the earth’s surface and the rotation of the earth leads to the flow of wind. Mountains, water bodies, and vegetation all affect wind flow patterns.  Wind turbines are used to convert wind […]

Solar Panels Financing: For Companies and Individuals

Using renewable energy not only allows us to ace rising energy prices but also plays a major role in protecting the environment.  Solar panels are widely used to convert solar energy into electricity. In this article, I am here with a detailed guide on solar panels financing options.  Whether you are an individual or a […]

15 Solar Panel Facts: That Might Surprise You in 2023!

The last few years were really progressive in the field of solar energy and it is undeniably the future of the planet. In fact, with all the growing concerns about sustainable development all across the globe, the solar energy industry is becoming a fast-growing industry in a few years’ time.  Many people are aware of […]

AC vs DC Coupled Solar Battery: The Definitive Comparison in 2023

When you decide to go off-grid, then, It is time to look for solar storage options.  However, net metering provides an efficient way to go solar without going off-grid completely. But, for an off-grid system, you need to install battery storage to get a continuous electricity supply. When you decide to add battery storage to […]

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need in 2023? (Solar Guide)

While determining how many solar panels do you need, you should first look for your electricity needs.   Most people want to generate enough energy to eliminate their electricity bills while others just want to cover their partial usage. It is always best to keep your electricity consumption in mind before installing PV panels. No need […]

How do solar panels affect the environment? – 2023 Analysis

How do solar panels affect the environment?: Solar panels are one of the most widely used technology to convert solar energy into electricity. Although, Countries are adopting solar energy for an environmentally friendly future of energy. But, Are solar panels really that ‘green’? Well, Nothing is perfect and solar panels too have some positive and […]

5 Surprising Applications of Solar Energy [2023 Edition]

Solar energy is quite popular these days & most people still think that it can only be used to generate electricity. However, it is not completely true. There are numerous applications of solar energy. It can be used for heating water, cooking food, & in many other ways.  In this guide, I am here with […]

Bifacial Solar Panels: Working, Advantages & Disadvantages

With the advancement in solar technology, researchers around the world are continuously working on making solar panels more efficient. One such invention is Bifacial solar panels that are claimed to have an efficiency of 27% which is 11% more than mono-facial panels. Even if we look at overall trends, the market share of BF technology […]

On-Grid vs Off-Grid Solar Power Systems: What’s the Difference?

Installing solar power systems, whether at your home, office or in an organization requires a heavy initial investment. Not only this, but solar panels do also have a longer payback period. So, it is best to have good knowledge of various PV systems before installing one. Doing so will not only help you in making […]

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