String Vs Micro Inverters- An Absolute Comparison: 2022

Inverters are used to convert the current generated by your solar panel system to the type of current used in most home appliances. There are primarily 3 types of solar inverters: Grid-Tie Inverters Off-Grid Inverters Hybrid Inverters Grid-tied inverters need to connect with a grid to function. So, these are used in less power cut […]

Solar Inverters Types & an Affluent Comparison: Which one to buy in 2022?

Solar inverters are one of the most essential devices of a solar power system, either it is for home usage or utility-scale usage. As the renewable energy demand is increasing, technology is also evolving. Today, several kinds of solar panels are available in the market which vary by their efficiencies.  In a similar way, solar […]

Solar Panel Robotic Cleaning: Pros, Cons & Future of Dry Cleaning

Solar Panel Robotic Cleaning: Detailed Guide The use of solar panels is one of the best ways to harness energy from the sun. Like any other electronic device, PV panels do also require regular maintenance to keep working efficiently. With time, the layers of dust build up on the surface of the modules & as […]

Solar Powered Generator: A Reliable 2022 Outlook

A solar powered generator is one of the easiest off-grid power solutions. It provides power backup whenever you need especially during power outages. If you are looking for fuel-free electricity storage for your house, then a solar generator must be in preference. Before going through its nuts and bolts, let’s first have a quick understanding […]

Mono vs Mono-Perc Solar Panels: The Ultimate Guide

Mono vs Mono-perc Solar Panels: Which one is best for you? With the increase in demand & recent technological advancements, solar energy is becoming more & more efficient day by day.  From traditional poly panels to mono & bifacial modules, we are continuously evolving. You might have heard of mono-crystalline panels – but have you […]

Wind Energy: Working, Pros & Cons (2022 Review)

Wind power is one of the rapidly growing renewable energy sectors across the world.  The variation of temperature caused by the sun on the earth’s surface and the rotation of the earth leads to the flow of wind. Mountains, water bodies, and vegetation all affect the wind flow patterns.  Wind turbines are used to convert […]

Solar Panels Financing: For Companies and Individuals

Using renewable energy not only allows us to ace rising energy prices but also plays a major role in protecting the environment.  Solar panels are widely used to convert solar energy into electricity. In this article, I am here with a detailed guide on solar panels financing options.  Whether you are an individual or a […]

15 Solar Panel Facts: That Might Surprise You!

The last few years were really progressive in the field of solar energy and it is undeniably the future of the planet. In fact, with all the growing concerns about sustainable development all across the globe, the solar energy industry is becoming a fast-growing industry in a few years’ time.  Many people are aware of […]

How many solar panels do you need?: A 2022 Guide

While determining how many solar panels do you need, you should first look for your electricity needs.   Most people want to generate enough energy to eliminate their electricity bills while others just want to cover their partial usage. It is always best to keep your electricity consumption in mind before installing PV panels. No need […]