5 Best Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Christmas is one of the most joyous festivals celebrated all over the world. Without lights, the complete holiday season seems sketchy.  Christmas lights bring joy, warmth & optimism & are used in various ways like decorating Christmas trees, home, workspace, or even gardens. In this post, I am here with 5 top-rated solar-powered Christmas lights […]

5 Best Solar Powered Security Cameras for 2021

Are you concerned about the security of your house? Your regular security camera might not save you when there is a power cut. Power-cut is a serious problem, especially in rural areas. Solar-powered security cameras can be a great way to overcome sudden power cuts. Most solar-powered security cameras come with a wireless system, an […]

7 Best Solar Powered Fountain Pumps for 2021 (Review)

Solar-powered fountain pumps add a star to the beauty of the garden. Having a water source in the garden gives more natural vibes. But the level of attraction a fountain can provide can never be matched by a pond or stagnant water. Moreover, a pond attracts mosquitoes and insects while a continuous flow of water […]

5 Surprising Applications of Solar Energy [2021 Edition]

Solar energy is quite popular these days & most people still think that it can only be used to generate electricity. However, it is not completely true. There are numerous applications of solar energy. It can be used for heating water, cooking food, & in many other ways.  In this guide, I am here with […]

Bifacial Solar Panels: Working, Advantages & Disadvantages

With the advancement in solar technology, researchers around the world are continuously working on making solar panels more efficient. One such invention is Bifacial solar panels that are claimed to have an efficiency of 27% which is 11% more than mono-facial panels. Even if we look at overall trends, the market share of BF technology […]

On-Grid vs Off-Grid Solar Power Systems: What’s the Difference?

Installing solar power systems, whether at your home, office or in an organization requires a heavy initial investment. Not only this, but solar panels do also have a longer payback period. So, it is best to have good knowledge of various PV systems before installing one. Doing so will not only help you in making […]

How do Solar Panels Get Damaged – & Ways to Protect Them?

Solar panels are widely used to convert sunlight into electricity. However, like any other electronic device, PV panels are not perfect. They do also get affected by various external conditions. In this post, I am here to answer a common question, i.e. how solar panels get damaged & the ways by which you can protect […]

11 Best Solar Powered Fans – Detailed Review (2021 Updated)

Among all the renewable energy sources, solar energy is highly sustainable and easily available. All you need is PV panels & you can generate electricity, no matter whether you are on a hike or in the comfort of your home. These days solar-powered devices are in trend & everyone seems to adopt them. It includes […]

Spinning Solar Panels: 20X More Efficient than Ordinary PV Panels

Solar energy is one of the best renewable energy forms on earth. As long as the sun exists, we can rest assured about the future of energy. But there is a problem? When compared to other renewable energy sources, solar energy is still lacking in terms of efficiency.  The majority of solar panels that we […]

Solar Energy vs Hydro Energy: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to sustainability, green energy sources like solar, wind, hydro power, etc. seem to have the brightest future. This is so because these energy sources are renewable and will always be available to us.  In this post, I am here with an ultimate comparison of solar energy vs hydro energy. Both solar and […]