9 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill by 60% or More

100% Effective Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Are you tired of paying hefty electricity bills every month? I am sure you are, that’s why you are on this page. 

You may also have noticed increased energy bills just after COVID 19. This is because of two main reasons:

  1. As more and more people are staying inside their homes – the overall energy consumption is also increasing.
  2. The energy prices are also increasing with the increase in overall inflation.

Whatever might be the case, we are here to help you tackle your rising electric bills.

In this post, I have shared 9 proven ways to reduce your energy bill by more than 60%. 

Besides these 9 points, if you have anything else to share with our readers – we welcome you to share it in the comments section.

Why Your Electricity Bill is so High?

As mentioned earlier, the high electricity bill is only due to two main reasons: Increased Energy Consumption & Rising energy prices

Let us have a look at a few more reasons:

1. You might be using old appliances that are not that energy efficient. These old devices usually consume more power compared to modern ones.

2. You do not have complete insulation between your rooms, so your AC has to use more power to cool them.

3. High energy bills can also be caused by leaving chargers & similar devices switched on even when they aren’t in use.

4. You might not be using energy-efficient LED lights.

Another reason is for sure, the increasing energy prices in the last few decades. The below graph from Statista clearly shows the change in energy prices in the US since 1990.

United States Electricity Rates from 1990 to 2020

In another bar graph, you can see the increasing energy pricing in India from 2009 to 2019.

Electricity Rates In India from 2009 to 2019

Thus, we can conclude that no matter – whether you are living in a developed country or a developing one, electricity prices are rising everywhere.


Ways to reduce your electricity bill by more than 60%

If you are seriously planning to reduce your electricity bill by half or more than that, then you have to either limit your energy consumption or use alternative energy sources like Solar Energy, Hydropower, Biomass, etc.

In the below points, I have discussed some of the highly effective ways to limit your rising energy bills. Following these points will help you reduce your overall energy consumption by 60 – 70% or maybe 100%.

Alright, let’s dive right in!

01. Install a Solar Power System 

Believe it or not, the best way to reduce your electricity bill by 70 to 80% or even 100% in some cases is by adopting solar power.

Solar energy is free, abundant & can be easily used by individuals, small businesses, or even by a big organization. All you need is a solar power system & you are good to get started.

Solar Power System: Best way to reduce electricity Bill

The benefits of adopting solar energy are numerous, while the problems associated with it are very few. The higher initial investment is one of the main reasons that might be stopping you from going solar.

Well, if you are tight on your budget, then you can consider EMI options or installing a smaller system (say 1 kW).

Adopting solar will not only help you in reducing your electricity bill but also in reducing your carbon footprints as well as in making the earth a better place.

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02. Switch to L.E.D Lights

If you are still using the traditional incandescent lamps, then it’s time to move on to other options like CFL or L.E.D. bulbs.

An LED bulb of 6-7 watts gives you almost similar light as the incandescent bulb of 60 to 100 watts does. 

LED Lights

Suppose you are using 10 traditional vs 10 LED bulbs at your home & light them up for at least 7 hrs, then here how much energy is required: 

For traditional incandescent bulbs: 10 x 60-watt x 7 hrs = 4200 watts

For modern LED bulbs: 10 x 7-watt x 7 hrs = 490 watts 

It’s around 10 times that of an LED bulb. Thus, switching to LED bulbs can save a huge amount of electricity & thus can reduce your electric bill to a great extent.


03. Make use of Passive Solar Heating

Passive solar heating can be a great way to keep your house warm without using a thermostat.

This method of solar heating uses sunlight to generate heat in the interior of the house. Buildings are so designed that sunlight enters easily and is absorbed by the thermal mass of the materials inside the house.

Brick, stone, or tile have a high thermal mass, which absorbs heat when the sun shines on them. After the sun sets, these high thermal mass materials release the heat absorbed during the day to keep the house warm at night.

This is how passive solar heating works.

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04. Unplug Appliances that are not in use

It is common for us to forget to turn off the fan, TV, light bulbs, or chargers. As it turns out, these small devices consume quite a bit of electricity & are a bit like hidden vampires.

Unplug Devices

These appliances, if kept on for hours or during the whole day sucks a lot of electricity & thus raise our electricity bill.

You can save a substantial amount of money on electricity bills by just unplugging devices when they are not in use.


05. Dry Clothes on Sunlight

Dryers are so common these days that people don’t want to dry their clothes underneath the sun.

Dry Clothes in Sunshine

These dryers consume a hefty amount of electricity & also play a major role in increasing your electric bills. Just for one month, dry your clothes in the sunlight & you will see the difference in your next energy bill.

06. Load your Washing Machine / Dishwasher

A washing machine or a dishwasher consumes a similar amount of electricity whether you underload or fully load them. 

Utilize the washing machine when you have enough clothes to completely load it rather than washing three or four clothes at a time.

Load your Washing Machine

Similarly, in the case of the dishwasher, use it when it is fully loaded so that it won’t consume enough electricity.

Using these devices time-to-time can skyrocket your electricity bill up to a great extent. So, it’s better to always fully load such devices.

Additionally, you can use a smaller washing machine/dishwasher, if your requirement is less.


07. Insulate Your Rooms

If you are using an air conditioner or thermostat, then insulating your rooms properly is a great way to reduce the overall electricity consumption of these devices.

Some of the great ways to insulate your rooms include sealing air leaks, using thick curtains & insulating drafty windows & doors.

Additionally, you can also install a programmable thermostat – that adjusts the temperature of the home as per the pre-set schedule. This way you can save a lot of electricity.

08. Say bye-bye to Outdated Appliances

In comparison to modern appliances, outdated or traditional appliances are not very energy-efficient. 

Incandescent bulbs, old fans, traditional TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc consume 4 to 5 times more electricity when compared to modern ones. 

In point #2, we have compared outdated incandescent bulbs with modern LED’s & found that old bulbs used to consume around 10 times more electricity compared to LED’s.

In a similar way, old fans, refrigerators, TV, etc were made to consume a lot. If you are still using these devices, I suggest switching to the most up-to-date ones & you will see your energy bill decrease exponentially.


09. Use Solar-powered Devices

If you are on a budget & can’t install a complete solar system, then there is another option for you. You can go for solar-powered appliances.

Solar-Powered Devices

These appliances come with an attached solar module that generates electricity for them. In our previous posts, we have covered some of the best solar-powered devices. It includes:

All these devices use solar energy & can be a great way to start your solar journey.

10. Follow Energy Saving Blogs (Bonus)

Last but not least, acquire knowledge. If you continuously acquire the knowledge you will get to know more & more about new energy-saving ideas.

If you are interested in learning more about saving electricity or adopting solar energy, then you can follow our blog.

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Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill


How can we save electricity at home?

There are several ways to save electricity at home. It includes switching off appliances when not in use, switching to energy-efficient devices, using passive solar heating, installing solar modules, etc.

What to do so I don’t have to pay the electricity bill?

If you don’t want to pay the electric bills, then you have to create your own electricity. You can easily do so by installing solar modules on your roof-top.

What is the star rating in electric appliances?

Star rating in electrical appliances depicts their energy efficiency. The more is the number of stars in a device, the more energy-efficient it is.

Do LED lights really save your money?

Yes, for sure. It is so because LED lights are more energy-efficient compared to traditional bulbs or even CFLs (Compact Fluorescent bulbs).

Up to You!

With the increase in regular energy prices & overall consumption, the electricity bill is quite a big trouble these days. Well, to help you with this, we have covered 10 proven & effective ways to reduce your electric bill by more than 60%.

If you install solar modules at your home, then this alone is going to cut your bill by more than 60%. 

I hope you like these ways to reduce your electricity bill by 60 to 70%. It’s now up to you, which method you will use. 

Leave a comment to let everyone know, what you are doing to tackle your electricity bill? It will be quite beneficial for everyone!

Do share this post with your loved ones & help us spread awareness.

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