10 Best Solar Energy Books for Beginners in 2023

Reading books is still a great way to learn something or get in-depth knowledge about anything. 

If you look at some of the top leaders or successful people around the globe, they have one common habit, i.e. reading books. 

Elon Musk (CEO of SpaceX) says,

“I read books and talked to people. I mean that’s kind of how one learns anything. There are lots of great books out there & lots of smart people.”

Elon Musk

Before starting SpaceX, Musk has learned a lot about the fundamentals of rocket science just by reading books. 

I think you are now well aware of the power of reading. Since you are reading this post, I am 100% sure that you might be looking for some of the best books on solar energy

And yeah, we are here too with a list of the 10 best books on solar energy and its installation.

Solar Energy is the best and unlimited green source of energy at present. Today, electricity is the basic necessity and probably without which we cannot imagine our growth and life. But, with the continuous rise in inflation, our energy bills are also increasing, resulting in an increase in our cost of living. 

Therefore, installing a solar power system is the best investment and decision that you can make. Whether it is at home or the office, or in your vehicle, it is good to have a basic understanding of how it works. Therefore, do read this post to find the best solar energy books and what the author has covered in them.


Top 10 Best Solar Energy Books

The below list comprises 10 hand-picked books that you can go for if you are an absolute beginner. We have shortlisted only those books that will help you go from zero to advanced.

1. Solar Electricity Handbook – Michael Boxwell

Solar Electricity handbook by Michael Boxwell is the best book that you must read if you are a complete novice or want to have detailed knowledge about solar energy. Any list of solar energy books is incomplete without this book.

This book talks right from the fundamentals of solar power to how you can install it, the best design you will need, the grid system, etc., from scratch.

The author also talks about the pros of solar energy and the drawbacks you need to consider. You can use the online solar calculators and tools available on the website associated with the book so that the installation will be easy and successful.

2. Solar power Demystified- Lacho Pop and Dimi Avram

This book by Lacho and Dimi, Solar Power Demystified-The Beginners Guide to Solar Power, Energy Independence And Lower Bills is another great solar energy book. 

The book discusses questions using practical understanding like, “whether you should go solar or not?”. Also, what kind of Solar electric system do you need, and how to know if your home is ready for solar or not?.. etc.

The book explains to you the fundamentals of PV (Photovoltaics). Also, the different types of Solar Electric Systems and their components. This book is for you to build a solar power system for places like your home, office, boat, RV, or business.


3. Solar 101- Ralph Funk

As the name suggests, the book is 101 talks to some basic questions you have in mind about the solar power system. Solar 101: A Basic Guide to Saving Money with Solar for your home by Ralph Funk is your Holy Grail for all your queries.

solar 101: Best Solar Energy Book

This book gives you brief talks on your various queries in a simple way. Some of the questions that are discussed in this book for you are as below:

These and all other basic queries of yours are in this book. Therefore, this is one of the best solar energy books for beginners. 

4. Mobile Solar Power Made Easy – William Errol Prowse

Are you a DIY kind of person? If yes, this is the best book for you.

The author William Errol Prowse has given the simplest and easiest ways to install a Solar power system in your car, van, Rv, boat, etc. 

The book has step-by-step instructions for you to follow, whether a beginner or intermediate or advanced, to install the system all by yourself. 

This book will be worth your time and money. Consider this book, and you will get all you need to know, right from the beginning to end.


5. Taming the Sun – Varun Sivaram

Taming the Sun – Innovations to Harness the Solar Energy and Power the Planet, by Varun Sivaram, is undoubtedly one of the best books on solar energy out there.

The author explains in this book how you can harness Solar Energy, and replace the use of fossil fuels to meet your energy requirements. He also explains the great potential we have in using Solar energy.

Taming the Sun: Best Solar Energy Books

This book is for you to understand everything about the potential of using the clean, unlimited solar light you have, and to store it and the future of going solar. This book is a heavy read and very detailed, but best for those who want to understand solar in detail. 

6. Setting up Solar Power System for Beginners – Leon Johnson

The Complete Guide on How to Design and Install Best Solar Power System For Your Home by Leon Johnson is your go-to book if you want to Design and Install the system for your home all by yourself.

If you are interested in doing it all by yourself, then this book will guide you about everything from designing to building solar panels for your home on your own. And also how to install it.

The author explains all the fundamentals that you need to know. Therefore, we have included this book in our list of best solar energy books for beginners.


7. Off-Grid Solar power Simplified – Nick Seghers

Another awesome book on Solar power, that explains everything in very simple language, the little things and reasons that you might not even know, even after having a basic understanding.

Off-Grid Solar Power Simplified: Best Solar Energy Books

This book includes a list of tools that are a must, wire diameters that are best suited, stepwise guidance on the size of your off-grid solar system to select, wires and inverters that are best for installment, and the reason behind it, etc., and much more. 

It has everything that you should know about your solar power installment.  So, have this book among the best solar energy books and know the secrets you might not know.

8. Install your Solar Panels- Joseph Burdick and Philip Schmidt

Do you know that the installation and labor of your solar plant may cost a lot if you are outsourcing everything? 

If you want to save that money, then this book is a perfect fit for you to save that money and do everything on your own professionally.

This book is a complete guide on how professional installers install solar power plants and how you can on your own just by following the steps guided in this book.

Do get this book and save a lot of money in your installation process. The simplicity of this book includes it among the best solar energy books for beginners. 


9. DIY Solar Power – Micah Toll

DIY Solar Power – How to Power everything from the Sun, is one of the best books on using solar power by building everything on self.

The book talks about building solar projects that include the portable solar charger, Off-grid energy storage, Grid-tie home energy, etc. 

It teaches you how to make your Solar boat and vehicles, and how to build passive solar projects, and so much more.

It is an easy read that a beginner can follow and do everything on their own. 

DIY Solar Power

10. Solar and 12 Volt Power for beginners – George Eccleston

Last but not the least, one of the bestsellers, Solar and 12 Volt Power for beginners- Off-grid power for everyone by George Eccleston, is truly among the best Solar Energy books for beginners.

This book talks in a simple manner to make a complete beginner understand the solar power concept not taking even a whole day. It explains in layman’s terms right from the very beginning to the end instead of those technical languages which are difficult to understand.

Reading this book, you will understand everything, within a day, about choosing to design a solar grid in your home or sheds or boats or any vehicle. So, this is the best book you should pick and learn everything about solar power plants.


Solar energy is the best and most abundant free energy source that we all have. To use this energy is up to us. Today, we have technology and knowledge to harness, store and use this energy by investing once and using it free for a lifetime.

Therefore, to get the basic knowledge, here is the list of the 10 best Solar Energy Books to read.

  1. Solar Electricity Handbook 
  2. Solar Power Demystified
  3. Solar 101
  4. Mobile Solar Power made easy
  5. Taming the Sun
  6. Setting up a Solar power system for beginners
  7. Off-grid solar power Simplified
  8. Install your Solar panels
  9. DIY solar power
  10. Solar and 12-volt power for beginners

If you are a complete novice and want to learn everything about solar electricity, the Solar Electricity Handbook is a great option. 

Or, if you want to have a detailed knowledge of solar energy, then Taming the Sun is the best book to look for, and if you do not have time to invest and look for some quick options, then Solar and 12 Volt Power for beginners is a good way to get started.

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This is our top 10 recommendations on Best Solar Energy Books. Do let us know which book fits great with you, and please share if you have any other great book recommendations. 


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